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Thank you Founders!

Earlier this week, driving against the traffic and into the sun to meet one of the start-up founders I work closely with, I found myself smiling and wondering whether I might possibly have the best job in the world.

💡 Why? Because I get the chance to work with teams putting everything on the line to create a new world for themselves, for their families, their teams and the rest of us.

So, to all you founding teams:

🙏 Thank you for being just crazy enough to dream of alternate futures and smart enough to make those dreams come true.

🙏 Thank you for being brave enough to make the improbable possible when all the odds are stacked against you. 🙏 Thank you for being resilient enough to overcome huge barriers while running through walls to make things happen.

🙏 Thanks for trying to make the world a better place.

🙏Thank you for creating tomorrow's jobs for today's children,

To those with plans not quite working out please contact me if you want to try again.

And finally, thank you for making me smile on the way to meet you 😀!

Remember the world is rooting for you to take off, even if it does not always feel like it 🚀.

With thanks to my daughter Aoibhín for another great illustration.

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Laurence Endersen
Laurence Endersen
Jul 06, 2021

So true Barry.

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